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About the KA2 EU Erasmus+ project „A path of social inclusion“

In the course of European history, from the Greeks to the Romans over the Middle Ages up to the modern age, there is a clear relationship between „art“ and its influence on the physical and mental well – being and its effect on the health of the people and their detectable advantages for the prevention of diseases. For this reason, we have Fundacao Escuela Solidaridad (SP), the social organisations Artemide (I), Espacio Interno (SP) and the UeberBruecken Kollektiv/Overbridges collective (D), which collectively decided a project with colleagues from different European countries, on the domain of art therapy, regarding the „application“, in the artistic, therapeutic and educational field, for people from disadvantaged life situations The risk of social exclusion.

These methods are intended to provide the opportunity for professionals to continue their education and to use innovative practices that aim at a healing effect and at the same time offer an opportunity for the art therapy in our society to provide more visibility and recognition.

The aim of this project is to develop, exchange and communicate with the organizations concerned, from Italy, Spain and Germany, in a relatively short period of time, innovative and effective competencies for specialists in the pedagogical, therapeutic and artistic field share and realize. In line with the European strategy developed for 2020, we want to significantly improve the possibilities for the above-mentioned experts, in terms of the quality of the training and the training conditions in their context. By means of the acquired innovative methods, the teachers will strengthen their competencies and at the same time stimulate them in the adult education by means of effective methods, for socially excluded persons with the risk of marginalization.

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NGO ÜberBrücken/cross-over (ÜB) was officially founded as a GbR at the beginning of 2016 in Frankfurt am Main Germany and is registered since the 03.of January 2019  as an NGO Association/ gemeinnütziger Verein.

The association joins conceptually, artistically and pedagogically, into various artistic organizations founded by Händeler (see CV Frank Händeler MA web page (ÜB) under collective and partners). The association consists of a collective network of qualified artistic, pedagogical and therapeutic professionals for the realization of cultural and socio-cultural projects. Our work is aimed at all people, regardless of their age, nationality, origin, gender or belief.

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„Social and cultural identity require each other. A secure and recognized place in society, in the living space in which people move, is just as important as adequate social relationships and a clear societal framework. „Susanne Besch (Diploma Social Worker).

In particular, we concentrate on building bridges between people of all ages in marginalized social situations with the focus especially on refugees, enabling cultural exchange and reducing prejudice. Refugees.

People in disadvantaged situations have experience, are experts in their situation. To enable them to see their situation more clearly, to strengthen their competencies and to release corresponding resources, is the intention of our social-cultural work. Creating a social-artistic space through movement in which they can unfold in an informal and artistic way is the goal of our process.

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We are not concerned with performance and competition, but with promoting individual and collaborative interpretations, generating trust and joy. Experienced artists, accompanied by social educators and volunteers, offer workshops in the fields of dance, theater, music, acrobatics, and improvisation, in which the participants can deal with their own identity on a creative level. By means of the dance theater repertoire, with a focus on movement and what moves us, an intercultural communication space is created, in which multicultural forms of expression are developed into a Gesamtkunstwerk of a performance. 

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The initiator Frank Händeler M.A. (Choreographer, performer, dance drama teacher and scientist) joined forces with other artists, social pedagogues, therapists, interns and volunteers to form a collective with the goal of networking for the realization of cultural and socio-cultural projects (see under Collective and Partners) this website).


Frank Händeler Symposium Relevanz des Theatrs im sozalen Raum Frankfurt 2016


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