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La Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad 

The School of Solidarity Foundation is a project that aims to recover the family sense of people who, due to various circumstances, have not been able or able to experience it. Be part of a universal family concept where any creed, idea, religion or conviction is accepted and fully integrated, with respect as a method of intervention and personal development. With these premises, the Foundation welcomes people who live with uprooting, social disadvantage, abuse or exclusion: mothers with children in emergency situations, young immigrants, adults, and adolescents at risk.

„You will not know all that I am worth until I can be together with you all that I am“
Gregorio Marañón



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Cooperativa Sociale Artemide

(Cooperativa Sociale Artemide arl)

Artemide Social Cooperative, founded in 2000, works predominantly in the field of social activity, the focus of its attention being on children, young people, and the family.

Active since 2001, the projects managed to favor the young people they target, such as activity and residential centers for children experiencing difficulties (also on behalf of municipalities), the running of awareness-raising activities in primary and secondary schools, and by supplying vocational training courses.

Artemide is involved in the protection, care, guidance, training, and placement of young people through the following services/facilities:

– Educational, residential community „La Tegola Blu“ (active since 2002), houses minors sent by social services or the Juvenile Court as a result of mistreatment and abuse in the family. It is a place of psychological, social and academic intervention and aims to heal the effects of trauma through its care.

– Day Center „L’Acchiappasogni“ (active since 2013) is a place which aims to develop the potential and resilience of young people. It is involved in the primary and secondary intervention of youth issues and acts through workshops to enhance both educational and occupational learning.

– Apartment groups for women with children „Paragoghè“ (active since 2009) and related projects in independence development and employment opportunities.

– „La Luna“ (active since 2004) is the center of specialist expertise working for the prevention and protection, detection, validation and security of young people and children who are the victims of neglect, mistreatment or abuse.

The center also acts as a place where children, parents, social workers, teachers, and other local services can discuss specific issues they may have, and be listened to.
In summary, La Luna provides the following: An anti-violence center, the evaluation of parental competency, the assessment, assistance, legal support and protection of minors who are victims of mistreatment, and the training of foster and adoptive families. Ultimately, it is a center of Family Mediation.




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