International Study Exchange – EU Erasmus+ Granada Spain 2019



successfully accomplished 

 EU Erasmus + in adult education – a path of social inclusion 2019


Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad

Sierra Elvira, Atarfe (Granada – ES)

MAY 16-31, 2019

In the course of European history, from the Greeks to the Romans over the Middle Ages up to the modern age, there is a clear relationship between „art“ and its influence on the physical and mental well-being as well as its detectable advantages for the prevention of diseases.

For this reason, we have designed a transnational and inter-professional project on the domain of Art Therapy.

The aim of the project is to exchange good practices, establish strategic partnerships and develop innovative and effective methods for professionals in the pedagogical, therapeutic and artistic field to provoke positive change for vulnerable groups.

In line with the European strategy for 2020, we aspire to significantly improve the field of adult education in terms of quality and quantity. Our holistic approach enables professionals to continue their education and to apply innovative practices that aid individual as well as social transformation. At the same time, it offers an opportunity for art therapy in our society to provide more visibility and recognition.


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Seminar Program

Participating Partner Organizations



Ignacio Pereda: Rights and Community Social WorkIvan

Ballesteros Barnie: Coaching and Artistic Approaches
Dora Fanelli – Community Development and Festival CreArte

Mareike Kuehnel: Project Mgmt and Integration Advisor


NGO Über- Brücken/over-bridges e.V. GERMANY  –

Frank Händeler: Body Awareness

Matthias Ulfeng: Artist Practices with Adults

Valentina Sauerbrey: Artistic practices with adults



Silvia Paradiso: Social Service, Pedagogy, Bioenergetics

Pietro Diafria: Community Pedagogy/ Pet Therapy
Gabriele Cagnazzo: Artistic Practices with Adults
Maria Marullo: Community PedagogyKatia Maltese: Community Design
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CreArte social artistic performatic festival in Granada Spain 


flyer crearte com budas 2019


  3. EU Erasmus + 
           Art & therapy – a performative seminar representing art in the dialogue with therapeutic concepts, „a way of social Inclusion/admission “
 Erasmus + project, the strategic partnership in the adult – education 2019

will take place in Fundacion  Escuela de Solidaridad Sierra Elvira in Granada Spain.

Information to the seminar:


art front page

PROGRAM final 1. May Seminar Art-Therapie Mai 2019 final (1)

Successfully completed  EU Erasmus + international youth exchange project in Granada Spain from the 22. to the 29. of April 2019 – open for applications:


Let's Folk Flyer
Project Information:
The Youth Exchange“ Let’s FOLK!“ will take place in the city of Granada (Spain) for 8 days in 22-29 April 2019, with the participation of 36 young people coming from Italy, Germany, Greece, Romania, and Turkey.
This exchange will be an opportunity for meeting and cohabitation of different cultures through workshops/exercises/debates/dramatizations and outdoor activities.
The central theme will be the different folk and traditional dances in a Non-Formal Educational context. It will be performed and taught by Pranadanza Association, our partners and the young participants Youth Exchange“ Let’s FOLK!“ will take place in the city of Granada (Spain) for 8 days in 22-29 April 2019, with the participation of 36 young people coming from Italy, Germany, Greece, Romania, and Turkey. 
Successfully accomplished  EU Seminar ART &Therapy 10.-18. Sep. Frankfurt/Germany 2018
2. Seminar Art Therapy- a path of social inclusion- Erasmus + project- strategic partnership in adult education by Überbrücken/ over bridges
10. to 18. of September 2018 Frankfurt am Main Germany
First seminar results:
Street Walk – Title: The transcultural body – Performative Happening – Art Therapy Seminar – Erasmus+ Projekt – A Path of Social Inclusion – ÜberBrücken/over- bridges- – a Strategic partnership in adult education – A path of social inclusion –
15. Sep 2018 Frankfurt am Main Germany
choreography Vito Alfarano, Jolanta Rekawek, Frank Händeler – performers: Jolanta Rekawek, Vito Alfarano, Maria Munoz-Grandes, Marius Miron, Dora Fanelli, Simone Wedel, Silvia Paradiso, Ursula Dietz, Felix, Michelle Gerhardt, Araceli Guiote, Tim, Becky, Mujtaba, Elena Elena Arnal Ferrandiz, Simon, Ivan Ballesteros Barnie
sound technician: Alejandro Navas Vilar concept: Frank Händeler artistic leader of the ÜB collective/over-bridges 2018
Photography: Marius Miron, Michelle Gerhardt, Alejandro Navas Villar, and Frank Händeler
Trailer part 1
Trailer part 2
The 2nd technical seminar: Project title: Art & Therapy – A performative seminar Performing arts in dialogue with therapeutic concepts, „A way of social inclusion/reception“. An Erasmus + project, the Strategic Partnership in Adult Education, planned from 11 to 18 September 2018, Frankfurt am Main at Mousonturm and Jugendhaus Heideplatz. Program – Specialist Seminar – Art Therapy – EU Erasmus + Project- An European path of social inclusion – Bridges 2018
Program design: Michelle Gerhardt   concept: Maria Munoz- Grandes & frank Händeler
place: Art House Mousonturm and youth house Heideplatz
The aim of this project was to quickly develop innovative and effective skills for professionals in the arts, pedagogy and therapeutics field, together with their colleagues from partner organizations, from Italy, Spain, Polen, Brazil, and Germany, to share and share with their stakeholders realize. In line with the European strategy drafted for 2020, we want to significantly improve the opportunities for the above-mentioned female workers in terms of quality of education and training conditions in their context. By means of the acquired innovative methods, the female and female teachers will strengthen their competencies and at the same time stimulate, in adult education by means of effective methods, for socially excluded persons with the risk of marginalization.
For this reason, we have decided a project with colleagues from different European countries, on the domain of art therapy, in terms of „application“, in the artistic, therapeutic and educational field, for people from disadvantaged living conditions, some of which are at risk of social Exclusion threatens to develop. These novel methods are designed to give the professionals the opportunity to continue training and use innovative practices that seek to have a recovering effect while providing a chance for the arts and therapy in our society to gain more visibility and recognition, as it has done internationally is practiced.
Participation of the ÜberBrücken/cross-over team at the International Study Exchange in Latiano Italy within the project Art Therapy Erasmus + in adult education from 10th to 18th June 2018.



Other participating project partners were the association Tanz der Kulturen with Stephanie Bangoura and Mohammed Silla. Foundation Escolar de Solidaridad from Spain, Espacio Interno of the University of Granada and the Cooperative Social Organization Artemide. Particularly invited lecturers were psycho-drama specialist Maria Munoz and bio-energetic lecturer Laura Luchi and others.





35628727_873642932825469_1264510591817482240_o (1)

Various seminars were given by therapists and artists in the context of the topic of Art Therapy for persons in marginal life situations. The parallel program was the artistic performances developed with refugee youth and dancers from Brindisi and Latiano. Choreographies by Vito Alfarano (I) and Frank Händeler (G) were part of the program.